Location: Sydney, Australia
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About Peter & NGO Architects

Portfolio Peter Ngo


Peter is an easy person to work with and a hard worker in the office making sure that things are done correctly, done right and on time. He has had a varied collation of experience from the graphics design industry, logistics and retail management at a fashion company and more prominently as a building designer for NGO Architects which he founded in 2020.

His more notable works include the Rae Rae House and Balmain Rock House which utilises a clever synergy of sustainable design, beautiful facade and long-lasting that, more importantly, suits the clients desired lifestyle and still cost effective.

If you would like to contact Peter for more information or inquire for any collaborations please leave a message at the contact page.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication 2012, Diploma of Building Design TAFE 2021, Bachelor Design in Architecture UTS 2024

Proficient Software: AutoCAD 2020, Revit 2020, ArchiCAD 2020, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, Indesign CS4, Adobe Aftereffects, 3DS Max

NGO Architects

Studio: Melbourne

Staff: 5

NGO Architects is a bespoke company that works with its clients through the entire process of the building construction. We work with a variety of clients like home owners, small business owners and tradespeople to create the optimum solution they require. Such examples range from the single / double bedroom studio to shop fitouts and small warehouses.

We work closely and promptly with all our clients, providing all necessary and transparent information for the project. Our clients always compliment on our time frames and update methods we provide to make sure they are up to date with any changes happening with their project.

Special considerations are always welcome by clients to make sure the property we design for you will meet and exceed expectations using solutions that are both cost efficient and innovative.

We source most materials and trades locally where time and cost efficient. Our considerations with materials and construction processes will be sustainable in nature unless otherwise requested by the client. Our company ethos is to make sure we design and build today so that we can have a better tomorrow. We do this by implementing renewable material like bamboo and rammed earth, and using up to date technology like solar panels and septic tanks where possible.

The team at NGO Architect would love a challenge to design to your aesthetic preferences. We have worked with range of layouts and architectural styles ranging from completely new, concrete and open living spaces, to the heritage cottage building renovations or functional and simple warehouses.