Location: Sydney, Australia
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Dommeldange Luxembourg

Portfolio Peter Ngo

Property Details

  • Site Area: 2250 sq m
  • House Area: 371 sq m
  • 15 units for developer
  • 3 storey
  • Mix of co-living and standalone apartment
  • Luxembourg

This Luxembourg apartment complex looks like a row of unique terraces and uses many different techniques to bring about certain living ideologies and appearances. According to the architects they sought to design a building that strayed away from the typical urban dilemma of either selecting a separate family house or an apartment typology and the idea of life in a box. Why not have the benefits of both and have the plentiful of natural light and views that can be had through a unique design and also bringing forth the benefits of a collective housing and doing away with its privacy issues.

As the site is steep and along a rounded street this allowed for the unique shape to take advantage of the scenery that is available downside and also compartmentalise the units. Each unit has a decent amount of natural light penetration and views through glazing. The whole building is sectioned into 3 blocks which is further separated by each entrance and passageway that allows for the privacy separation of private spaces on the ground and first floors. The second floor is somewhat connected for some units that allow for cohabitation.

The project uses reinforced concrete for the structure with insulation and aluminium framed triple glazing to allow for the large amount of glazing whilst keeping the inhabitants comfortable. The energy efficiency of the building fabric is enhanced with UV coating and green roof to prevent from overheating. The use of solar panels are also used for hot water. The windows are largely orientated towards the South and East to take advantage of the solar heat in winter.