Location: Sydney, Australia
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Rae Rae House

Portfolio Peter Ngo

Property Details

  • Site Area: 464 sq m
  • House Area: 371 sq m
  • 2 lots for single client
  • double storey
  • 5 bedrooms
  • Heritage Area in North Fitzroy, Melbourne

Client looked to build a house for life and one where their children will have fun now and into the future. 

The design involved keeping parts of the cottage which were usable, and since it was part of a heritage area, the frontage needed to be kept. This decision allowed for reusing of existing materials whilst removing old and structurally unsound ones.

The roof design is unique and mountainous in visual cue. Other than being aesthetically eye catching the innovative roof shape reduces overshadowing of other properties where it is low or high in respect to the neighbouring elements. It has the added effect of reflecting the Summer sunlight from the windows on one entire side of the house and the other side has their own awnings to reduce passive heating on hot days.

Layout was given great consideration as the living areas and children’s study space have ample natural light from the northerly aspect and storage areas and garage are situated to the south.

When the client purchased the neighbouring property this allowed the consideration of an innovative element of having the bridging space to act as the entry to the property. This keeps the facade on both properties intact and keeping the other entrances private as they are an office and bedroom where privacy is preferred.

The choice in materials used and how they are used play a part in the consideration of cost and sensibility as all brick sections are planted to the ground where load bearing and timber is used above where open sections like windows are present. The use of slate on the roof considers its long usage life and natural sourcing.

Because the property is designed to last a long time, the idea of having the garage just for the storage of cars may be redundant in the future of driverless cars and car sharing. The garage was designed multipurpose to meet this agenda which includes insulating the room and making sure it was liveable. This innovative forward thinking, although may cost more in the short term, will provide the owners with adaptability and better value in sellability should they decide to sell it in the future. The rooms for the children can also be partitioned to allow access between two rooms easily. This allows the occupants a choice of having an open or closed space.

Like many modern houses, storm water is stored in a tank and this one is placed under the garden, out of site, and used for watering the garden and flushing toilets which is common for sustainable design.